Digicam rush

TOPIC CREATED: 2005-10-11

First Post Anonymous
Posted: 2005-10-11 20:33:41

I've done some checking on a bunch of digital camera's, coming close to the Canon EOS 350D series. Check them out and see which is best!


Canon EOS 350D


Nikon D50


Pentax *ist

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Reply #1 Ash
Posted: 2005-10-11 20:46:57

I watched some television yesterdau and they was testing cameras they one that won looks like the 2nd pic in the post above. The first one looks like a normal camera.

Reply #2 Anonymous
Posted: 2005-10-12 03:59:25

Looks like a normal camera, but sure isn't!

The big pro on the Canon camera's is that the mirror can be flapped up. So when you're making macro shots, the eventual picture will not be distorted by resonation of the mirror. And that's something the other companies still have to learn from...

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