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Dynamic (WYSIWYG) online web builder



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Hi web design enthusiasts,

*The purpose of my post is not to advertise, as the product is at the alpha stage of development. Rather, I am looking for any thoughtful inputs on whether or not this idea will actually work.*

I am developing an online web application to allow users to dynamically edit/design web pages.
It gives the Users, with little or no previous experience in website development the tools and the framework to design simple and elegant web pages on the fly.

It is about automating the science of web development and harnessing the art of web design.

It's goal is to turn the programmers into artists and making the process of making a website like "painting a picture"

I am adopting the "release early, release often" principle so that I can get my software out as quickly as possible in order to get opinions.

It is "minimum viable product". It has the most basic features enough to communicate the idea and visions of the product.

I am aware that there might be some bugs exists for the "Webzide Builder". I kindly would ask you to refrain from pointing those out at this point.

Rather, I am here to ask for your input on whether or not "YOU" think this idea will actually work and be sustainable.

I developed this application out of inspirations to try to solve a particular problem.

By no means I am here to put any web designers out of job. The application is a tool in order to make the process of web design easier and more fun.

I will kindly ask you to please voice your opinions and judgments objectively. Doesn't have to be positive. Indeed, I am looking mostly for "CONSTRUCTIVELY NEGATIVE COMMENTS". Please give me a reason or elaborate on your inputs.

Rather than just posting "it sucks", "it won't work".

I am worked "REALLY" hard on this project. Any dedicated developers out there will understand the same struggles, especially when you are developing a new Product

Your opinions will be much appreciated.

the url is

Thanks in advance


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