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For SALE: Wacom Intuos 9x12 Tablet for Windows



First Post Mark as Spam jwen
Posts: 1 - Registered: 2008-06-05

I'm selling my Wacom Intuos tablet (model: GD-0912-R) for Windows.

It's in FANTASTIC condition and is fully functional. It requires a serial port and comes with an AC power adapter. The proper drivers needed to run the tablet can be found on the Wacom website under the category "Downloads" ( The website also includes a user's manual.

It is IDEAL for professional and student artists (digital artists, illustrators, photographers, graphic designers). The tablet allows for fluid and natural motions so that one can draw on the computer.

Total Package Contains:

1. Wireless pen and EXTRA tips: GP-300E-00H
2. Pen holder 3. Intuos 4D Mouse: GC-500-00A
4. AC Adaptor: AC Input 100-240 Vac, 47-63Hz, 0.65A Max. 51VA-63VA DC Output 12vdc-2A
5. 9"x12" (LARGE!) Tablet

It's going for $300 but it's negotiable-- please email me at ijwenicus(a)



Reply #1 Mark as Spam Dashanpao
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I always adored Wacom Company for their products, since i bought by Intuos 4.
However Wacom's tablets are pretty expensive, so beginners don't really want to invest so much money.
So I got a cheap alternative xp-pen Deco Pro ( 11x6 - ) large drawing tablet . I'm as happy with it as I was with my much more expensive intuos. it's great .