Hot to get a Static Clone Stamp.

TOPIC CREATED: 2007-04-16

First Post ADubin
Posted: 2007-04-16 08:59:24

When you set a anchor point for the Clone stamp in Photoshop CS2 - that will move when you paint it somewhere else.

I want to clone the same thing in several spots (without the anchor point chainging) is there an way to set the Anchor ponit to be static?

Here is an example:
Click 1 and Click 2 is from the same anchorpoint.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... pngkw1.png</a><!-- m -->

I want click 1 and click 2 to be the same. regarless of where i choose to paint.

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Reply #1 FuzzBox
Posted: 2007-04-16 20:25:01

In the tool options at the top when you select the clone tool, there is a box titled "Aligned". Uncheck that box.


Reply #2 ADubin
Posted: 2007-05-02 08:07:54

Thank you for the perfect answere.

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