How Do I Line Up A bunch of Stars to Form a perfect Circle?

TOPIC CREATED: 2007-11-16

First Post ts03qa
Posted: 2007-11-16 05:09:14

Hi guys, I hope you can really help me here...what I want to do is pretty simple. I think I've been taught once but I forgot how to do this.

I want to make a circle shape with no fill - I want the stroke to be made up of tiny stars. eg. the stars line up to form a perfect circle.

How do I do this?

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Reply #1 fafi
Posted: 2007-11-20 10:53:56

One way is:
1. Draw the star to the correct size you want it (fill, no stroke)

2. Open your swatches pallete. Click on the pattern swatches pallete(4th icon from bottom left, CS2)Select your star, keep it selected and drag it into the swatch panel. This will create a new swatch.

3. Open your brushes pallete. Select from its menu- New brush. Select New Pattern Brush.

4. Select your star swatch from the available swatches. Select Approximate Path. Press OK.

5. Now draw your circle stroke only, and click on your new pattern brush.

Hope it helps

Reply #2 ts03qa
Posted: 2007-11-20 18:03:33

THANKS so much fafi!!

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