How to go to another form using java swing forms.....

TOPIC CREATED: 2007-05-04

First Post sasi
Posted: 2007-05-04 08:29:30

Hello everybody, kindly tell me how to go to another form from one form means just like in HTML (navigation from one page to another page using <a> anchor tag), so in java(swings) how to be implemented this issue by means of menuitems...

Please respond to this as early as possible.


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Reply #1 stultuske
Posted: 2007-06-05 10:01:03

whell, let say you have a main-frame called mFrame and a called-frame, cFrame.

if you try to call cFrame from mFrame, and you want to let mFrame dissappear, use:

cFrame a = new cFrame();

if you want mFrame to remain visible:

cFrame a = new cFrame();l

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