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Photoshop CS -deactivating and uninstalling... :(



First Post Mark as Spam jediknight_
Posts: 1 - Registered: 2007-09-26 02:25:06

i've tried to install CS to my 2nd computer but authorization code failed. i googled it and saw "under help menu, click transfer activation or deactivation.." phrases.. but since i'm using cs, i don't have "transfer activation" or "deactivation"..

and also i've tried uninstalling cs from my 1st computer but i get the following error:

and can't uninstall..

help please..



Reply #1 Mark as Spam chanfuterboy
Posts: 28 - Registered: 2007-10-04 16:01:01

hmm, somethings currup in you service pack 2?



Reply #2 Mark as Spam FuzzBox
Posts: 1 - Registered: 2008-05-17 08:56:16

I can't speak for CS, but I've installed CS2 on both my home computer and my laptop, and have never had to activate the second copy. In fact, Adobe's license for Photoshop alows you to install "up to five copies on portable devices."

There are, however, two catches:

1) The software must be installed from the original disks. Simply copying them from one computer to the other will leave you with a rather watered-down copy. Several functions and filters will be missing.

2) You cannot have more than one copy running at any time. If you try to launch the second copy, Photoshop will tell you that there is already a copy of the software with that authorization running, and it must be shut down before you can continue.

So what I think your error message is trying to say is that you cannot use that authorization #, because it has already been used.

- Joe U.