Pls Help. how to crop/cut out oval picture

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First Post yoodontknomi
Posted: 2011-02-11 09:05:45


i'd like to cut out an oval picture from a picture. I tried the ellipse tool (in cs5) but the hair of the person isnt inside of the oval shape. So all in all i want to make a picture oval, so that all part of the head is in the oval shape.
can you please tell me how to solve this problem?
thanks for your help.
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Reply #1 jerryb
Posted: 2011-02-11 22:39:39

i only have cs1.. so there maybe other ways and better with cs5...

on the eliptical tool ...... hold the alt key down....

it gives a little better fleaxabillty in forming the oval lie when you start widening
it will widen in both directions not just one direction like just the straight eliptical tool does... that gives better flexibity and control on the size and after that just moving it....

other than that if you know the width and height you want the oval , then oon the eliptical tool instead of using the &quot;normal&quot; style, change it to fix and plug in your numbers..

Reply #2 yoodontknomi
Posted: 2011-02-12 05:22:09


thanks for your help. i did manage to widen the oval shape, but the problem is that this way neither the hair doesnt fit in. i think the background is not big enough. or something. i hope you know how i mean. the surrounding/background should be bigger so that the face, person can fit in the oval shape.
im sure this is easy for you....<!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) --> but not me yet ):
thanks in advance


Reply #3 jerryb
Posted: 2011-02-12 15:35:54

difficult to see where the issue is with the image...
if you can can you post a link to the image?

if you don't have a file share site.. use this one it free simple and no registration required.
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now another idea on shaping the oval... now i only have cs1 so you may additionals to work with...

1. creat oval to fit most of the object in....
2. creat a blank layer.... and make that layer active you should now see just the oval selection
3. now fill it in with a color, dosen't matter what color, cause eventual that gong to be deleted......
4. now you still have your dancing ants.... now select your transform tool use scale...
5. now here you can start adjust more easily the width and hidth seperately but more importantly your able get a more flatten top i order to get everything in...

once your satisfied with the shape you can then move the selection to center poperly in reference your object and at that point turn off eye of that that special layer with the yeloow (were done with it) and activate your main object.. now all you have is just the new dancing ants oval....

the reason for filling orginally the color for selection wa that the trans forma tool needed it otherwsie it won't work on just a blank background;

now i used the scale transform..... but i think with your cs5 you have other choices like stretch that maybe able use instead.

Reply #4 yoodontknomi
Posted: 2011-02-12 17:42:43


here is the link :

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... mcywfziKn1</a><!-- m -->

i couldnt do how you told. i found every tool, did everything as you wrote...

man it makes me mad.

thanks in advance.


Reply #5 jerryb
Posted: 2011-02-12 19:30:30

ok definitely the picture shows what the issue and make it very clear...
and it will change the work flow... some thing i think needs to be done first...

first of all what version of photoshop do you have...????
if you have cs4 or cs5 .... then we can use the content aware feature to mask off the head and enlarge the rest... it neat once start using it..... and you have no distorion of the head.... ... it would maybe things easier and faster... and simpler lol.......

however if you don't have those versions.... then this one meathod i use...
first we definitely have to enlarge the canvas so that we can use the eliptical to get everything in.... i think least 30 or 40% increase ... not worry about it being too large because when we use the eilliptical too it won't matter....

note: you may want to just do a quick check with the elliptical tool to make sure the canvas is large enough...!!!

at this point take the eyedroper and sample the llight color background be using this later....

next i would remove that background....... so all youhave is just her.... on a trasparent layer......

next create a blank layer.... and put this layer underneath the cutoout....

now use the paint bucket, and you already have forground color set from when use the euedropper... and fill....

next use your gradinent set for white to black ..... and a angle place your gradent... this willhopefully recreate the type of background you had orginally in the image....

at this point you may also want to add a little noise to the fill layer and also i found you may want to do a little bluring to give it alittle age...

now on the cutout the edges of her maybe to sharp.... well do a little bluring along the edges this will make it more natural looking ...

now when you have everything about right then use you ellptical tool to get your oval..... and that should be it...

note: you may want to merge the cutout layer and fill layer.... before using the elliptical tooll ..

now below is just a quickie i did to give you an idea... of what it looks like... when you closer.... you can see i missed a few areas on bluring the background.. smile


Reply #6 yoodontknomi
Posted: 2011-02-14 04:00:47


i managed to solve it with two tools. First i made the canvas bigger, then i used magic wand tool and then i filled it with contet aware tool.
And that was it, after that it only needed some patching. Now i will need to place it properly on the A4 size sheet to be able to print it.
Photoshop is great but it takes some time and trouble to learn it, slowly only...<!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) -->
thanks for your help!!!!!!!

Reply #7 jerryb
Posted: 2011-02-14 04:24:04

your welcome
well glad to heear your making progress.. yes there is a learning curve with photoshop/// smiling...

well good luck on your project...

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