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Post #68161 jadallah
Posted: 2011-08-31 07:48:46
Hello guys,

I am doing this application for my own business. Each time a car in my company fills gas i enter data in table with columns where mileage in the mileage (k/m) when car is filled and gas is the amount of liters that a car fills.
What i want to do is get a report in datagridview with columns where (mileagedriven = MAX - MIN of a certain car) and totalGas = SUM(gas) by a certain car and AVG = totalGas/mileagedriven. (for sure it is grouped by plateno)
The point of this is to know what is the average consumption. I've been working on this application for one month but like from 10 days ago i got stuck with this issue and don't seem to get even close of solving it and i'm not a computer student. Programming is a hobby.

Any help is really appreciated...


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