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Sending Variables in Flash back to HTML page



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Hope i have put this in the right topic, apologies if i haven't! I had posted this in the PHP section but think it may be more relevant in Flash as have'nt had any replies yet...

I have been asked to create a photo canvas website that allows users to upload an image, then apply several effects such as re-sizing/cropping/desaturate, then viewing the updated image on a generic wall and going to check out to buy the canvas.

I am pretty new to web developing/designing, i am confident with html,css and actionscript to an extent, but have only used small parts of php before.

My biggest worry is how to go between html > php >flash >back to html again.

From what i understand i need to create the following functions:

1. Create a general html website which will store the upload form and flash photo editor swf on, when the user first access's the site i start the php session...

2. The user then uploads there image to the server using a simple php upload form which will store the file and create a unique named file also on the server...

3. The flash editor swf will then load up on the html page. Inside the actionscript of the swf i will tell flash to continue with the php session by calling it again and call users image on the server with the 'file reference' command. The editing functions such as cropping, canvas size will all have variables to mark what the user has chosen and these varaibles will get ent back to the html page using php to keep track of them for the checkout process...

4. Once the editing has finished the user will click 'finish' in the swf taking them to the php shopping basket/checkout which will call the variables sent in flash to determine final cost depending on what effects chosen.

Is the above correct and more importantly is it possible?

The main part i am struggling to get my head around is editing in flash (say changing the uploaded image to 20 x 26) and then saving this back to the server and sending the new settings back into the html/php page.

Is this all possible without using database and tables such as MySql?

Sorry for the long post, just wanted to try and explain how i thought it might work nd not just ask how to do it straight away!

Any comments what so ever much appreciated!

Many thanks