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Swf or fla conversion to avi or mp4



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I'm trying to save animation i created on an old version of macromedia flash so that it plays on any computer. Converting swf to avi or mp4 always corrupts the file. Is there any way to either convert swf successfully, publish the fla in flash in another format (not swf) ie quicktime? -i tried publishing as qt but it wouldnt let me...converting my fla original file to another format..or even a way to email someone my swf and a link for them to download the flash player? (Is it even available as a downloadable useable file anymore-i heard flash has been made obsolete?) The swf file plays on my computer because i have original 2004 macronedia flash installed..but others cant play it on their computers. Please help. Btw im an animator not a computer technician so links to sites / apps are better than long techy instructions! Please help!!